Truevital AR

Regurgitation means the backward movement of stomach contents up the esophagus (the "swallowing tube") into the mouth. Regurgitation often includes the release of the material from the mouth, as in infants who "spit up."

It occurs when the muscle between the esophagus and stomach relaxes (as it does during burping). This allows the stomach material up because the normal pressure within the stomach is greater than the pressure in the chest and throat. In these cases, Truevital AR can be replaced with normal formulas to solve this problem.

Unique Truevital AR features that prevent milk from returning:

1- Use more casein than breast milk: In Truevital AR, the ratio of casein to whey protein is 60 to 40, but in breast milk this ratio is 40 to 60. As a result, the viscosity of the product in the baby's stomach increases and prevents milk from returning to the baby's mouth.

2- Using edible starch (potato or corn): The starch used in the production of Truevital AR is a special type (containing high value of amylopectin). This starch is easily digested and absorbed by the digestive tract of baby. Starch increases the viscosity of the product in the acidic environment of the stomach and therefore prevents milk from returning to the baby's mouth.

Truevital AR is a gluten-free product and patients suffering from celiac disease can also use this product. This product is approved by international standards and scientific recommendations such as ESPGHAN, EU Directive and CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and covers these standards in optimal quantities. This product has a halal certificate.